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Default stages?

I am new to this board. In fact my first post was just the other day.
Altough today i have a question.
My daughter is 5 yrs old.Had this since birth.
We are unsure of what my daughter has. Dr.cohen has labeled it vascular. Since it grows and hemangiomas do not grow. It is a diaper area growth. To me it looks just like most hemangiomas but it is darker in color kinda looks bruised all the time.

Ok my question is....
Today when she got out of the bath.I was getting her dressed and as usual i looked at her boo-boo as we call it. and Right under it looks like a huge bruise the same color and width as the one she has had from birth.
I am a little freaked because she has not been hurt down there and it does not hurt like a bruise does when you touch it. It does look to me to be a little raised also.Could it be a bolld clot maybe?
Does anyone know if this is common for vascular malformations. I was going to call dr. cohen in the morning anyways. But just looking for other in put.
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