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Default 7 week old with extensive haemangiomas on head

Hi, I hope I'm posting this in the correct forum...
I have a 7 week old daughter who has haemangiomas across the left temple, ear, across the back of her head, neck and lymph nodes and today we discovered them in her mouth / throat. (It basically looks like an enormous rash across the left side of her head.) They began growing at about week 2 and have gotten progressively darker red, more extensive and slightly raised. My GP became aware of these at about week 4 when I saw him urgently about reflux / colic as she suffers terribly with gas and vomiting. This week we also discovered that she has jaundice. I wonder if all three are related. We are seeing a paediatric dermatologist tomorrow and I am guessing she will carry out ultrasounds ASAP. However I stumbled across this website and forum when looking for information on haemangiomas. I am hoping that someone may have had a similar experience and can offer some wise words as I am very concerned and thinking the worst. Can these cause brain damage? I blame myself as I am an older mum who suffered with infertility for years.
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