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Thank You Missy for your reply. After much research I'm almost certain that it is a Hemangioma. It has involuted, yet what remains is still quite large and still protrudes. It has remained the same for approx. 4 years so I believe it won't involute any further. I am desperate at this point, she won't play sports(which she loves) because when she runs her hair blows away from her birthmark and she will only go swimming with family or very close friends. She can't change her hairstyle out of fear that people will see it more clearly, she has never even worn a ponytail. I of course could go on forever about the limitations she places on herself. She is extremely bright, her teachers adore her and her positive attitude and she is an honor roll student. She possesses a remarkable kindness and compassion for people and animals. She deserves the same opportunities for growth and happiness as any other child and I fear that won't materialize for her with this birthmark holding her back. I will attempt to attach a photo although this is not a very good one. (The only one I currently have on my phone)
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