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Default Hemangioma or PWS


My son is two weeks old and was born with either a port wine stain or a hemangioma on his lower lip and just below the lip. It does not appear to extend onto the inner mouth lip area. Our pediatrician at the hospital described it as a PWS and our normal pediatrician felt it was a hemangioma. Both of them told me that they were unsure at this point and we just need to watch it.

I know that it is early on, but I really think we should at least have it diagnosed so that we can know what we are dealing with. Also from reading these forums it appears that getting appt's can take time and a hemangioma can grow an ulcerate quickly (especially in the lip area). I would appreciate any input as to what it may be. As well as input as to how hard I push to get an appt with a specialist sooner than later? Is a regular dermatologist ok just to get a diagnoses or should we go right to a pediatric dermatologist? Any input would be appreciated. I live in the central VA area but am willing to travel if necessary.

I've attached a couple of photos of his lip.

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