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Originally Posted by deeinkc View Post

I am 32 and have a Nevus of Ota birthmark around my left eye. Basically my birthmark makes me look like I have a black eye and there is no shortage of people who ask me "what happened?". I have only recently found out what the official name of my type of birthmark is. Most of the resources I have found online pertain to PWS marks. This is mainly because my type of mark is most prevalent in Asian countries (I'm not Asian -- just lucky I guess! :-).

Does anyone else on this forum have Nevus of Ota? If so, I'd love to connect. I'd also love to connect with anyone who has any type of facial birthmark.

I do use make up and it works okay -- not 100% coverage, but I don't like to be without it.

Looking forward to "meeting" others. Thanks.


Hi Dee,

Nice to meet you and I just want say that I have the exactly the same birthmark in my left eye and people also ask me what happened to my eye but I'm a guy so makeup doesn't help and they think I'm a cage fighter as I have a blue eye 24/7/365. I thought I was the only one until a doctor provided me with correct diagnoses after 30 years and I started googling and I found you very funny.

I would like share some pics.

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