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Originally Posted by mrm.mommy View Post
Oh im so happy I found this site, i'm 22 years old and i have the nevus of ota and always asked questions like
*"What happened to your face?" .
*"Were you in a car accident*.
* Oh i thought you were in a fight**
Or act like they cant hear me say its a birthmark and ask twice
For me I was born with it. it use to very light on the top of my head as a baby then as I grew it went down to my right side of my face over my eye and blue in my inside my eye. to me it seemed that as a kid other kids were so mean to me and teased me about it, but as I got older more guys seem to like it about it and found me attractive. I still get very insecure about it and try to cover it up. I'm so worried that my kids friends will tease them about me. I'm going to upload two pictures one after i gave birth to my son and one where i try to cover it.
Wow! Very similar what I have! I thought I was the only one! I live in South Africa and will upload some pics to share
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