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Hi Shannon, sorry it took awhile to get back, I was helping my mom through a hip replacement. Your kindness brought me to tears, I guess my emotions are a bit hyper sensitive with all this right now! Haha Thank You for the info, we have seen Dr. Krol. he is very kind. He gave us a referral to the OHSU (Doernbecher) plastic surgeon yet it took so long to be scheduled in that by the time the appointment came around the facial plastics office didn't take our insurance anymore. They wouldn't even schedule a self pay appointment!!??? Which I was shocked to hear. Dr. Krol's office is supposed to be working on a different referral but it's been one flub up after the next with them. Not calling me back, issuing a referral to an ear, nose and throat doctor, and people working on said referral being on vacation and never calling me back, etc. I feel like I'm getting the run around. Honestly not sure how much more I can take. I guess I will try to contact Basia Joyce and keep my fingers crossed and my head up as high as I can get it!? Thanks again, Tanya
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