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Hi there,

sorry because of my bad english, but I want you to take part of my experience. My doughter is 2 years old and she suffers from a hemangioma since her date of birth. The hemangioma was growing very fast for a timeperiode of approximately 2 month until it stagnated. It started growing on the right cheek and spread out across the lower face, the mouth, lips and left cheek. It is plane and not swollen. We started the propranolol treatment after she was 2 Month during a range of 1 Year and 3 month (administered orally every 8 hours). From then on we continuing the treatment with propranolol ointment directly on the affected areas. Since 3 month we paused the treatment. The regression of the hemangioma isn't yet satisfactory. We are now analysing the opportunities of laser treatments in germany. There are some very experienced clinics. I would love to provide you with my experiances.
Kind regards from germany
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