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It definitely sounds KTS related. I am 34 with right leg KT. Ingrown hairs and scratches turning into sores sound like you are getting ulcers which do in-fact take a long time to heal. You have to be careful because us KT'ers are very susceptible to cellulitus as well.

Not sure if you are aware of the website, but every other year the KT Foundation puts on a meeting at the Mayo Clinic. I have never been to it, but I am going next year. It's in July. The website will have all of the information.

Also, not sure if you're aware that on Facebook there is a KT group. There are LOTS AND LOTS of extremely knowledgeable people on there. I myself have not had ulcers, but many on there have. One guy in particular, Gordon Lee, is a wealth of knowledge and he has learned how to treat his ulcers on his own and has some good wisdom to impart.

All of us KT'ers know the frustration of not getting the medical care that we need, not because doctors don't want to help but because they simply dont know what to do. Join the group....

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