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Hello everyone, I've just gone through this entire thread and all of your stories have made me feel better about my Nevus of Ota.

Some of you have described your birthmarks exactly like mine!
I am 27 years old, from the Philippines and I was born with it. At first my mother and the doctors thought it was some kind of bruising because they had to use forceps on me while I was being delivered. It gradually became darker as I got older. It covers mostly the right side of my face: under my eyes, cheeks, near my jawline and even at the back of my ear. It also covers part of my head. I also have it on the whites of my right eye, my darker eye.

In school, some of my teachers have asked me if I had a black eye. Growing up, my birthmark has never been an issue. Strangers have never asked me about it, my friends and classmates have never teased me about it. I am so grateful that my birthmark didn't give me that kind of trauma growing up.

But now, since my birthmark has gotten significantly darker I feel more conscious about it. There are times when I am okay with it but there are times when I feel completely insecure about it. I absolutely cannot go out without putting on makeup. I used to cake on foundation and concealer and it wasn't a good look on me. I have extremely oily skin so at the end of the day my face was an oily and cakey mess. I've been obsessed with finding the right orange corrector but so far I haven't had much success. Most women only worry about covering acne scars and dark circles under their eyes. We on the other hand have to worry about this big blue mark that covers most of our face.

I'm keen to try laser treatments but of course I'm also quite worried of the outcome. I'm just counting on technology to significantly improve by the time I come up with the money for treatment. LOL

I seem to be rambling on but I just feel good being able to share my story. People don't seem to have a problem with my birthmark, it is me who needs to learn to accept it. I'm trying my best and reading your stories encourages me even more.
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