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Default Congenital Hairy Nevi

I am almost 18 now and I was born with Congenital Hairy Nevi.
The condition covers a lot of my body. It starts in the middle of my back and then goes all the way down over my bottom and is also on my stomach and half way down my right leg and a bit down my left.
Growing up with this has been hard for me as I was bullied a lot in school and a lot of my relationships have ended once the person saw my body. I am really embarrassed and I hate going through life with this condition. I hate not being able to wear belly tops, shorts, skirts and dresses because I don't have the confidence to show off the birthmark.
It's getting me down a lot and its getting to a stage where I don't even want to leave the house or get close to someone because I'm scared they wont want a relationship with me when they see my birthmark like the others in the past have.
i'd do anything to have them removed so I can lead a normal teenage life but nobody seems to understand how much it is actually effecting me.
I was wondering if anyone has any advice or anything that they could give me? I would really appreciate the help
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