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Default Diagnosed with Hemangioma but I'm 17. Check the picture.

So first off I was really scared what is it, I am actually 17. I think I have this maybe for few years, but I am not sure. It's totally not before 6 years of birth cause I have naked pictures of me until that age. So this is my thingy: It is positioned the right of my belly and it has dimensions of 9 mm / 5.5 mm

I was really wondered if it can be a deadly melanoma so I went to a dermatolog (A really good specialist). Without even checking it with a dermatoscope he said its without any doubt a Hemangioma. I told him that I have it like 3 years ago (even if I'm not sure), but not when I was born. He said that I sill should not worry about it and that its just a waste if we check it with dermatoscope. I agreed. When I came back I researched a bit and I truly found out that its not a hemangioma cause it only appears on birth and its a birth mark. So is this a vasulcar malformation, or can it be something else? Also it got slightly bumpy last 9 months.
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