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My Daughter was on propranolol starting at 12 weeks to a year. We had monthly and then bi-monthly visits to her cardiologist who would increase her dosage based on her weight gain (and towards the end.. the very beginning of the weaning process was to NOT increase the dosage as she got heavier) She had many colds/fevers during that year (she is the youngest of 4 .. 3 older siblings brought home EVERY germ from school) w/o any issue-- we were told that we should give it to her when she was sick except if she was throwing up and had NOTHING in her stomach for a long period of time.. that was when the low blood pressure issues surfaced (in the studies they had done, not with her personally) -- personally we never increased the dosage w/o the Cardiologists go ahead.. my husband works in Pharma and is a huge stickler regarding medication and the correct dosage.. :-D
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