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Thank you! So much of what you said felt like I could have written!
I felt myself nodding my head a lot as I read!
We decided to wait an additional 6 months for surgery. However surgery is scheduled for the end of April. We can cancel it if we need to. We also want to get this all taken care of before our daughter starts school.
Thanks so much for asking how the appointment went & for the reply.
Deep hemangioma on left eyebrow towards nose
Started propanolol Feb. 11th, 2010
Off of propanolol aprox. June 2011
Takes 3 doses per day at 1.3ml
2nd Weaning of prop. not a success back on it March 22. Only one dose of 1.3ml now- 19 months old Did Timolol gel for awhile, stopped, & back on - 4 years old. Off of Timolol -doesn't seem to be doing anything. Surgery was a success!!! April 2014
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