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@Mauve3, Thank you for sharing your story about your birthmark. I identify with the things you wrote. I am glad to have this community of other people who can truly understand the emotional pain associated with this birthmark. What I hate the most is having people ask me "What happened to your eye?" The people who usually ask me this question the most are store clerks when I am buying something. So they are strangers. People who know me or who I become friends with or work with usually don't ever ask me about it. I only had a few kids in school make comments about it.

I now wear makeup everyday. It's a good cover with good pigmentation called Cover FX. It covers it about 95%.

Please don't be down on yourself about your birthmark. If it makes you feel better to cover it with makeup, you should. You can reveal it to the people who you are closet to when the time is right. But I like wearing make up so that I don't have to deal with nosy questions from complete strangers who I am not invested in relationship with. I figure that people dress themselves to present to the world and only a select few people (family, spouse, close friends) ever really see the bare you because they are special. I would prefer to wear my makeup "mask" out in the world so that I can walk through the world more comfortably and with less hassle. Plus, I just like makeup because it's fun!
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