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My little girl has a strawberry hemangioma on the top of her, it started like a little red scratch/spot when she was about two weeks old and has grown into something the size of a pea that is starting to raise (its probably about 0.5cm at the most raised now and she is three months old). It is forming on the line of her head where the skull is not fused (the part between the interior and anterior soft spots where she has had quite a obvious gap from where the plates shifted during birth). I've taken her to health visitor who said it will get bigger and then start to shrink, there is nothing to worry about and it will go when its ready but the stuff online all seems to be really contradicting. I've waited so long for my daughter and so scared something horrible is going to happen to her and that this could be growing into her brain or cause her problems. As nice as they are the health visitor just doesn't seem to know (the only advice she has she had off line - there not medically trained like that) and my gp is useless. I could really do with any advice anyone has to offer
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