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Default 7 yr old son has LM -left cheek

Hello, my name is Rachel. I'm the proud mother of Connor, who was born with an LM in his left cheek. The LM is microcystic in nature, but large enough to leave his face very unsymmetrical. Connor has been through many, many procedures in his 7 years including surgical resection, steroid injections and laser therapy. Unfortunately, he just hasn't had the wonderful results I hear so many people speak of.

I'm so extremely proud of Connor for not allowing his facial deformity to prohibit him from doing anything. He is, by far, the most confident human being I know. In all honesty, he doesn't see anything different about himself or his "big cheek". For that reason I feel I'm walking a very fine line. If he's confident in who he is and how he looks, who am I to say any different? By having him go through more procedures, am I creating a problem where there is currently no problem for him? Should I wait until he's a bit older and possibly ready on his own? It's something that I go back and forth with and I just don't know the "right" answer.

I was just wondering if anyone else has found themselves in the type of situation.
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