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Hello Everyone,

I guess all of us has the same story.. Mine is since birth i have like dark green and gray on my left face and eyes. Well I always cried because until now i get frustrated when my suitors leave me specially after they saw my BM once i remove my make up. When i was in College days i never use any make up and people tease me all the time. Then when i go abroad and work as receptionist the HR told me to cover it because i am the face of the co when the clients enter our office, hence my life was cool bcoz nobody notice it and i get used I just remove when i go to bed at night.

But i get tired.. Way back 2007 i have consulted a laser surgeon and that time i came to know that my mark is what they called Nevus of Ota, she advise me that the mark will remove only after 10 sessions but cant afford to pay its quiet costly.

Now that i can afford i want to remove it.

I need an advice once again if its safe?

Looking forward with your support and reply.

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