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Default Hemangioma diaper area - labia - ulcerated!

Hi all,
I have been going through the posts here in the forum and wanted to get your advices as well.
Our daughter (2.5 months old) has H on her left fabia majora. As soon as the doctor saw it, she started propranolol treatment. Unfortunately ulceration has also started around the same time.
In order to help with ulceration pain pdl laser treatment was also started. We had been through 2 sessions of pdl and ulceration doesn't seem to get any better.
It is really painful when she pees. We all suffer seeing her in such pain.

Can anyone comment how to ease the pain at that area? What kind of bandage / cream can we use, which would help in keeping the urine away from the open ulcerated area?
Ulceration is exactly at those areas where two outer lips are touching hence placing anything there is quite tricky.
I would appreciate any advice from the community. This board has been extremely useful for understanding and learning about the situation.
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