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Hi I'm new to this forum. I just delivered a baby girl. She is 3wks old. She has dark blue coloring on her upper and lower left eyelid. She also has some blue on her nose. Her left face is also slightly discolored. At first the pediatricians told us that she got bruised during the delivery but her delivery was smooth. Then they said it was a mongolian spot. We started dojng research on it after since we haven't heard of mongolian spots on the face. We saw a dermatologist and pediatrician and neither of them were sure of the diagnosis.
Thank you for sharing all your stories. I'm looking into treatments for her. Hearing all your experiences makes me want to shelter her as much as possible. Already we've been asked why she has a black eye.
Does anyone know of the youngest person treated with the laser?
@nabmerdika do you have before and after pictures that you can share?
Thank you so much!
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