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We have had 3rd PDL now. Doctors here (as well as Dr. Levitin) commented that there are signs of healing and we shall simply keep it clean to avoid any infections.
After PDL, there is of course the pain and area is quite sensitive (normally). We are hoping that by the next visit situation improves.
Next week we will have the next visit for 4th PDL.

Couple of times we let her be without the diaper and when she peed it didn't feel like it was painful to her. I'm starting to think whether diaper is somehow sticking or touching the area easier and causing discomfort and pain.

Coming to zinc oxide; we were quite hesitant to use it. It can provide a good barrier but too difficult to clean (wasn't sure whether it is ok to apply it constantly to the ulcerated area) We cannot touch the area at all. Before the PDL, nurse was cleaning the ulcerated area and it right away started bleeding.

I will keep this thread updated still. I want to also thank Missy & Shannon & Dr. Levitin for all the help. It is a painful process to go through this with a newborn; and it definitely gives a brief relief to get others comments and support to cope with this situation.
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