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Hi all,
Just wanted to update this thread with the latest status.
We have had 4th laser treatment before Xmas holidays for the ulceration.
It was already looking better when going into the 4th treatment.
Each time after laser session, it took around a week to see healing effects (at least the initial pain decrease)

Before the new year, area looked much better and no more crying while peeing.
Today we had a visit still for getting it checked by the doctor. Everything looks fine and we continue with propranolol treatment. Hopefully that will be the end of ulceration.

Thank you again for everyone. We really appreciate this a lot and grateful.
For anyone else who is going through the same, I would like to suggest couple of things. First one is being proactive in the process. We were lucky to have a doctor who started the propranolol and laser treatment as soon as she saw the situation. I can imagine that not everyone is that lucky to receive fast treatment. It is better to ask for it and refer to others' experiences.
Secondly, when the area is a difficult area (such as diaper area) there is only little that we could apply. It was a painful period and we used quite much of bepanthen on the ulceration. PDL treatment was the key to get it healed but still it took several weeks before it was showing signs of healing.
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