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Hi there!
Is there any way that you could get a second opinion? I see that you went to Texas Childrens Hospital and I think there is a Dr. Lisa M. Buckmiller, MD who works in San Antonio. She was Dr. Waner's partner and has extensive experience treating hemangiomas. But I'm not sure how far it is for you. Another option is to email Dr. Levitin (go to the Ask the Experts page on here and you can see how to do that.) It is true that hemangiomas can ulcerate, but I wouldn't consider it to be "just a part of having a hemangioma." It is very painful and often requires treatment to help it heal. As far as I know, hemangiomas are most likely to ulcerate when they are growing during the first year or so, not so much when you are at almost 2 years of age. That seems unusual to me. Also, I was wondering if she was ever checked for internal hemangiomas since having multiple hemangiomas can sometimes be a sign of that. I am not saying that it is anything to necessarily worry about, but since she is in pain and has been crying and you see big dark bruises around the one on her back, I would suggest that it is something to be investigated further by getting a second opinion. If you email Dr. Levitin, be sure to send pictures, and perhaps he may be able to give you his thoughts. I am not a doctor, but I'm just going on my experience as a mom-when your daugther's in pain and something doesn't seem right, I say trust your gut and look into it some more with another specialist. Let me know if you need any help connecting with someone or have any more questions! Good luck!
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