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Angry I did sent queries to experts without response !!

Dear All, Could you please try to help me finding my ways !! down the message that i have shared with Ask Expert (4 weeks back) and until now i didn't receive any response

So Please try to help me and my daughter

"i do really appreciate your kind feedback and kind help., i need an advice from you as to treat my daughter facial cystic hygroma. the CH showed after breath on her facial right side and a surgery was conducted to her on the age of 3 years, the surgery removed partial part of the CH specifically on the neck however

the facial part was not fully removed NOW i notice a re-grow of the CH on face and a round the eye.. i need your help to eliminate the whole thing!!

Note: after first surgery it was observed that the right facial nerve is not performing as usual and now she can not ideally move face right side!!

during the past couple of days i did my best to collect as much information and details that could describe the situation in more details. a SkyDrive link to shared folder that has a ZIP file (After Surgery MRI and nerv that has the followings

1- ZIP that has photos of Basmala's MRI just 6 months After Surgery.
2- PDF of A Sonar that was done on Right Facial side.
2- PDF of Right and Left Facial Nerv test
3- ZIP file that has photos of Basmala Current situation
4- a Video that shows Basmala while singing (showing her face muscles movement)

Also the down SkyDrive Shared folder link to Basmala's early pictures (on the age of 1 year until 3 years) as well as CTA and Sonar. (File Name is Pre-Surgery CTA and

I hope provided information is enough and i'm ready to share any other needed information as resolve my daughter issue

Please let me know if any extra details are needed as well as on what will be the next steps forward.

Thanks Again & Regards

Note: i'm currently based on EGYPT and my contact number is +201275556102

Alaa has files to share with you on SkyDrive. To view them, click the links below.
After Surgery MRI and nerv
Pre-Surgery CTA and
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