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Default New and worried

Hi. I am new and have been googling away hemangiomas since our daughter was diagnosed with it at her 2 week appointment. The doctor made it seem like no big deal and when I went home and googled it needless to say I have been upset and obsessing since. My daughters is on her eyebrow. After doing so much research I am wondering if the wait and see Approach is not good since it seems like it is difficult/lengthy process to get referrals. Everyone keeps reassuring me it will just go away but I worry about my daughters eye sight etc.

She is 3 weeks old. I live in Orange County ca. And I have blue shield HMO.

Looking for any advice, tips anything to help.
Thank you

Not sure how to upload a picture or I would add it. It is about a 1/2 centimeter diameter and in her eyebrow. It had not gotten any bigger just turned bright red on the past week.
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