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Originally Posted by squeege View Post
Hi there - this is my first time on this site and I hope you can provide me with some information.

My 3 year old daughter has a venous malformation in her right knee. She has had 3 sclerotherapies, but only the first one was successful. It decreased the lesion quite a bit, but she still has pain almost daily, walks with a limp and cannot extend or flex her knee fully. We seem to have exhausted our possibilities with our specialist (we live in Canada and she has been treated at Sick Children's Hospital in Toronto).

Does anyone have any suggestions for further therapy? We hate to see her in pain but aren't sure if there are any other options for her.

Thanks so much,
My son who is 6 years old has malformation in his right knee. I'm also from Canada. When he was 3 years old is when we first found out something was wrong with his knee. He was diagnosed with juvenile arthritis for a year until he was requested to have a MRI done. This is when they diagnosed him with a venous malformation. I feel hopeless because the doctors said there is no treatment for him and I believe they could do something instead of ignoring it. He frequently is in pain usually in the mornings or has been not using his leg for a period of time. Oddly winter seems to be the worse when the weather gets colder or it swells up when he gets a cold. Lately for the past month he has been waking up in his sleep whimpering about his knee and also when he wakes up in the morning. I hate seeing him in pain. Another thing that worries me is his one leg seems to be getting longer.(Looks like he is dragging his affected knee). Any advice or help would be appreciated. I would travel anywhere in Canada to get some help for him
Thank you
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