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You are a very lovely young woman! Your pws is barely noticable. I think you appear to be twenty years old. I am 33 and have a pws on my chin that has always been a dark red color but not dark enough to be plum. When I was a child I was self conscious about it and found that adult strangers were the most insensitive than even children my age. I was always shy but have some wonderful quality friends that have never treated me different because of it. My parents were also great as they have always encouraged me to just be who i am, inside and out. I didn't date a lot in high school, but that changed throughout my college years. I think the biggest difference was my confidence and attitude. I decided that although it is a part of me my pws doesn't define me. There are a lot of wonderful guys that will see your beauty and recognize your pws as a part of that. I was very fortunate to meet my husband (of two and 1/2 years now) who has told me that he couldn't imagine me without it because it is part of me and he loves me for me. My confidence really shined on my wedding day when the makeup artist asked me if I wanted her to cover the pws completely. Before she asked, I hadn't even thought of it. I told her to cover it only to the extent that she did the rest of the makeup. I just coudnt imagine having pictures of my most important day (so far) without looking like me in them. All of this to say that there is no reason for you pws to hold you back!
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