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Default Hello

Hello Missy,

Thank you for your post. She is 11. She had her eyes checked at the Optometrist. He said she didn't have any blood under her eyes where the puffiness is, but said it was lymphatic fluid. She constantly has the puffiness all the time. It never seems to go away. They also checked her with a specialized test where they can go 80% behind the eye, and the Optic Nerve looked good in both eyes.

They are also sending her to a Hematologist because she had some blood work done, and her numbers were all over the place. They want to re-test her for Von Willebrand which is a blood disorder. Her platelets are good, but she always looks pale as well.

So, most people with this just have it in one area, but it can occur in the rest of the body as well?

Thank you for your help.

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