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Question How To Prepare 5 year old for treatment


First, I want to say thanks for such an informative site and for all who have shared their stories on the forum as it has been extremely helpful to me.

My daughter is 5 years old with a PWS above her lip. We were misled by her pediatrician that it was a stork bite and would go away. So, now we are 4 years behind in getting treatment and I am really struggling with how to prepare my daughter for treatment. I don't want her to think that her face is damaged or she is diffent in any way. She has done a great job accepting herself and answering her friends questions about it. I am worried that Mommy and Daddy wanting to get her face fixed will indicate we think there is something wrong with her. This could be devastating, especially if the treatment is unsuccessful. Any suggestions from other parents who have gone through treatment with a pre-schooler would be appreciated.
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