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Default I'm just beginning treatment

So I was just told today by the plastic surgeon the actual name of my black eye. I'm 29 years old and I've had this my entire life. I remember my siblings always telling me I ran into a door knob as a small child lol. I definitely went through the same things you all went through with people always thinking I had a black eye. It is on my left eyelid and extends about an inch above my brow. Also, I'm Caucasian, so it's gotten darker and larger as I got older, so it's just been the one thing that keeps my self confidence down. I have been covering it since I was about 10 years old and have gone through many trial and errors. In the end, Cover Girl has made literally thousands of dollars off of me but I refuse to go without makeup ever. Only my family and a few boyfriends have ever seen me without makeup on and actually though I emailed the plastic surgery place pics of it, I still had to take off my makeup in the office. I was literally shaking. So anyways, she just wanted to do a few test spots today and see me back in a week. I have to tell you ladies, when she lasered the first spot and said it got lighter, I started crying. This session was free because they do free consultations and I have no idea how much it is going to cost me, but I'm in pharmacy school and I already live off a cereal and tomato soup diet, but I will sell everything I own to get this defect off of me. I remember always getting in trouble in elementary school because the teachers would find me reapplying makeup in the bathroom. Oh, and even more annoying was being told, hey when you get older, you can just put blue eye shadow on the other eye to match it. (Yeah sure, if I chose to be a hooker in life lol). I can't believe how many of us are out there. I was so relieved to get a name for it because I couldn't sleep and I stumbled across this forum. I am very good at covering my eye, so if anyone wants any tips just email me and I'll make a YouTube video or something. It does take me 30 minutes per day to apply and with how long I have been applying makeup on it, I do have to redo it if I go out later at night it something. But depending on the weather, I can usually get a good 10-12 hours worry free. Though I always know it's there, constantly covering the left side of my face with my bangs). My email is , And I will definitely keep you all posted with my results. The plastic surgeon also said she was going to call the laser company to see what they recommend for the fastest and best results. Unfortunately, if this does not work my other option would be to have a skin graft, which scares the he'll out of me, but I'm desperate. Hopefully I find the right guy and get married one day. The only thing I think about is how my pics would turn out if I'm sweating and stuff. Unfortunately, in the summer time, I am miserable because I live in Florida and you sweat her a lot. So my makeup method is good other than if you're sweating our anything to do with water. I never go to the beach with friends and only go to theme parks when it's hot with my family. I am still in amazement that so many people have this! Any other white girls? Because it's extremely rare for us to get it I've read.
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