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Default eye hemangioma-help please

Hi my son is nearly five months old and has a deep tissue hemangioma above his right eye/eyebrow area. It makes his eye look swollen and the lid droop a little. I have had to fight to get this diagnosed and am now finally waiting for dermatologist appointment. He has become increasingly snuffly and struggling to feed over last few weeks and does not appear to have a cold as there is no mucus whatsoever. Can i ask has anyone else experienced this? I am concerned that this hemangioma is causing pressure in his airways/sinuses. He has had a us scan (done by radiologist) and they said it is a vascular one being fed by an artery as there are high levels of vascularity ( think this is what he said he wasn't very clear). It begins on the bridge of his nose and extends out across his eyelid/brow. Am also worried about prognosis and treatment as it is so near his eye. Any advice would be much appreciated. The care here has been really poor so far. Many thanks

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