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hello! i read your post and it sounds like you have exactly what my 16 year old daughter has. she has the nevus of ota in her left eye and left temple. and just recently it has spread all the way around her left eye, and yes it looks like a bruise. i would love to talk with you and discuss some things. have you had it since birth? has it grown or spread at all? my daughter sees a dermatologist and opthamologist yearly, but wondering if she should also see a neurologist? ah i just have so many questions im sorry! noone seems to have answers for me. cant wait to hear back from you!
I have had it since birth, but it has gotten larger and darker over the years. Several years ago I was seeing a dermatologist for my acne and she actually took a biopsy of it and told me it was a mole and there was no treatment for it. I am almost 30 years old and I stumbled across this plastic surgery site that went in depth about lasering port wine stains. So, yesterday I went for my visit and it was re-diagnosed as the naevus ota. I could see how the other dermatologist got it mixed up because they are similar and it is extremely rare in caucasions. Last night I did about 10 hours of research on this and have read about half of the posts from others. As of right now, I have only had a spot treatment done and will be seen next week. I am kind of worried though b/c these can actually be malignant (cancer) and I am a science major, so even though I know it's benign(not cancer) at this point, I am afraid of kind of messing with those melanocyte cells (pigment cells) and have them alter in any way. But, to be honest, I have always thought that if I could get it removed, I would be willing to lose my sight in that eye. I am at a point where I'd like to graduate pharmacy school without this defect. I am documenting my experiences with this removal and I am going to make a documentary to share with people that have this. It is literally life altering and debilitating to a lot of lives and if I can help another person feel more comfortable about this, then there was a reason this all happened, whether this treatment works or not.
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