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Hi Sarah,
I was thinking that it might be helpful to email Dr. Aaron Fay (go to Ask the Experts) since he specializes in hemangiomas related to the eye. You should also email a photo. Perhaps he will be able to give you his opinion and more information about your son's hemangioma. I also noticed there are a couple of doctors listed here (go to Find a Doctor and click on Ireland-although I'm not sure how that would work since the doctors are in Dublin and you are in Northern Ireland.)
Also, I noticed that Dr. Waner, one of the best in the world may treat patients in Liverpool. Here's some info on that:

Alderhey Childrens Hospital Eaton Road

Beginning in January 2009, Dr Waner will be visiting Liverpool on a regular basis to see patients and perform sugeries, working in conjunction with Mr Liew Consultant plastic surgeon.
We have a large vascular birtmarks service including a multidisciplinary team and a large vascular service.
Patients may contact:

I am not sure if it is current, but I thought these may be some possible avenues to pursue. Let us know how it goes! Good luck!
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