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Originally Posted by Rosie View Post
I am looking for a good make up that won't rub off to put on Samuel PWS. He is really starting to become annoyed with people asking him about it. He asked me the other day why they have to be so nosy!


Ive been covering for 35 years, Started with Inoxa, then Estae Lauder, clinique and now I use microskin. The microskin is the first cover I have been able to use without fear of it rubbing off. It also isnt affected greatly by sweat. I live in (North Queensland) I can swim , sauna , spa and do pretty much anything and it stays put all day.
It takes a few extra minutes to apply but I am slowed as I need to get up really close to my eye. It is alcohol based and can cause some skin dryness b ut that is sorted by the right moisturiser. Getting it off requires a removal spray and a soapy wash. I can easily do this while the tv ads are on .
IMO get your young fella into the habit now and it will just become a normal part of his life.

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