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Default Nevus of ota

Hi everyone.
I was also born with a birthmark around my left eye covering half my face. I was always very insecure and lacked alot of confidence in myself. As a teen i really hated it and had never seen or met anyone with the same thing. I thought i was the only one as well. My birthmark was a dark purple, blue and slight green. I use to walk down the street and always get asked "who hit you" or what happened? This at times was annoying to explain. Sometimes id reply by telling them it was a birthmark and other times id snap and say its none of your god damn business. I use to cry about it all the time and my dad always says he wished he"d had it instead of me. Ive been seeing my dermatologist for 11 yrs now and have continuously had the qswitched laser treatment. The eye lid is especially sensitive, and around the eye is painful and does swell up. I have noticed so much improvement over the years. My birthmark use to be extremely dark and now i can barely notice it. If you looked really close up its still a little bit there, mainly on the eyelid and below the left eye. But am treating those areas slowly as it hurts alot. It is extremely costly as this is not just one treatment but numerous over the years but i think it is all worth it. Ive gained so much confidence back now and no longer get asked what happened to my eye! I really suggest and recommend the laser treatment to anyone. This has changes my life forever. I always protect my skin with sunscreen and try and wear a hat. Id like to meet people on here with the same thing to share advice and experiences. My email is
Hope to hear from you guys
Tee x
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