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Post AVM causing bone problems...Need some help

Hello Iīm new in this site. Iīve find this site on one of my researches and i think this is very helpful. Because my baby with 25 days now saddly was born with an AVM in her right forearm that is causing lesion on her radial bone. Doctors said that we need to wait and see what is the evolution of the lesion but i was hoping for a second or third opinion to see if anyone knows anyone with this kind of AVM. The doctors donīt have certain about whats going to happen and because iīm from Portugal there arenīt many doctors with experience in AVM.
I already have sent a message to doctor Rosen 2 weeks ago but i didnīt get any answer yet. How long we usually need to wait for an answer?
Iīm just a father looking for the best treatment for my little baby.
Thank for your time.
Best regards.
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