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Hi there! Every hemangioma is different so it is hard to say. My daughter's upper lip hemangioma definitely started fading at around a year but was still definitely noticeable at age 3. She had surgery at age 5 and then a couple of laser treatments at age 6 and 8 to touch up the last bits. If she hadn't had those procedures I'm pretty sure she would still have a decent amount of hemangioma left but I guess I will never really know for certain. I've heard that sometimes lip hemangiomas don't always resolve as easily as hemagiomas in some other locations. If you haven't seen a specialist, it might not be a bad idea just to get more info and confirm that you are definitely dealing with a hemangioma since you have not seen any changes at all so far. You don't have to have surgery if you don't want to, but at least you can get the opinion of a doctor who specializes in them and then that might ease your worries or give you an idea of things to come.
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