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Hi there! I'm not sure if this will help or not because my daughter did not take either of those medications (they weren't really used at the time of her treatment 9 years ago). At that time they used oral steroids mostly which she was on for almost a year. When she came off of it, she did experience some rebound growth. I remember her doctor saying that at times about 10% regrowth may happen. Hers did grow back a bit, but then it stabilized and started slowly involuting on its own. I think the scary thing for me was that it had been so controlled while she was on the meds and then to all of a sudden see it growing again freaked me out! I found the unknown to be difficult, but as soon as I saw that it was slowly fading again, I knew we had pretty much turned the corner and were on our way. Like I said, I'm not sure what happens in terms of regrowth with propanolol so hopefully others will chime in here with their experiences. I think what your doctor is prescribing seems reasonable to help her get over this last hump???? If it continues to grow, feel free to email Dr. Levitin here on the Ask the Experts panel and he may be able to give you his opinion-which will be much more informed than mine!!! Good luck! Hang in there! You are almost there!
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