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Hi mike
My just turned 3 year old has yet to ask any questions. Her older sibling asked what was on her face a few times last year and I just replied it was a birthmark and some people are born with them and some are not. That seemed to be suffice as there have been no more questions since !
Its true to say that as time goes on the less you notice someone's birthmark.. My mum used to say that to me and I never believed her. With my daughter I was very focused on her PWS when she was baby, but now I hardly notice it even though it hasn't faded.
She got her first round of laser last month and it has been a deeper colour ever since, and a couple of not so nice comments were made by other children at nursery.. I fought not to become upset, but my daughter seemed baffled as to what they were talking about!
If you ever have any questions about venous malformations I would be glad to help if I can.. This is my email address as I only log on to this site every so often.
Take care , Niamh
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