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Originally Posted by Luiza Tieko View Post
Well, I'm trying to write in english... Sorry for any mistakes.
I have had my second laser YAG session two days ago. How said thinguyen it was paintful. This time my skin became red and my birthmark more black. I know that it's temporary and I wil be patient...
Sometimes I think that I am so old to try this kind of experience, but like the most people that have the same "problem", my big dream is don't need use any kind of cosmetic to hide my birthmark.
I can't complain about my live. The birthmark don't affect my personal and profissional life (may be because since my 15 I use a lot of foundation).
Now, I'm retired and want to live at beach, an feel the wind on my clean face... A big dream, it'snt?
Despite of having an okay life and family, i still thought of trying an NDYag Laser treatment. Like you, I also want to free myself from sticky foundations/concealers/bb creams and powder. I really wanted to get rid of this mark. This is what i longed for ever since i were a child. I guess we're not really too old to dream, right? LOL..

I am just wondering what made you say that your birthmark has darken after your NDYag Laser treatment. Have you tried asking your dermatologist about your observation? I am scheduled to have my first procedure next month. I hope we could help each other by sharing our observations,progress,results.

Thank you.

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