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Hello Shannon, Thank you very much for your answer, I have started to read the blog and I see that your daughter is wonderful, hopefully at the moment she des not have a trace from the hemangioma. I also cry very often because here in our country there is no information about such things but we have a really good doctor who treats my baby with proprapronol and the result is very good.
As you have more experience than me, can you please tell me if the hemangiomas treated with this drug has the same life cycle, what I mean even it is treated is there is a possibility to shrink with time or not? My baby has two, one superficial on the hand and one deep in the back, but the one in the back has disappeared after 6 months with propranolol. The one on the hand is still there but now has pink colored. I`m wondering when we stopped the drug if it will shrink or not even it is treated already? Thank you in advance for your reply. Sonia
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