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Default Similar Experience

I suggest trying aspirin rather than other over-the-counter pain meds.

I am a 35 year old female and have lived with a large Cavernous Hemangioma in my left lower leg for as long as I can remember. I had surgery in 1980 when I was 2 to remove what the doctors thought was a cyst. Low and behold they were rather surprised to find a cavernous hemangioma. They thought they removed all of it at that time. However, my leg never felt "right". I was a competitive swimmer and rarely kicked because my leg just felt weird, but I didn't know why. My leg always bothers me with there is a large change in the weather or when I have hit it. Sometimes it bothers me for no explainable reason. Unlike many of you my left calf is smaller than the right calf. This is because my muscle is substantially smaller in my hemangioma leg and the hemangioma is located inner most parts of my leg. The strength differences in my legs has led to lower back issues. The hemangioma runs from my ankle to about 2 inches below my knee. I talked to my parents and told them something wasn't right. We ended up being referred to experts at Duke University when I was in high school. He, as well as my referring physician, both felt like surgery was not an option because they would have to remove a large portion of my muscle and I would loose mobility rather than gain it. They suggested a check up every 6 months to monitor growth. I asked what they would do if it was growing, they said nothing. At that point I stopped seeing a doctor about my condition.

Fast forward a 2 decades and I found myself pregnant with our son. I knew I was pregnant before any test could tell me because my leg hurt so bad I couldn't even walk. My OB/GYN explained my leg condition to me better than any other doctor ever has. He was a teaching physician and consulted with individuals at the UVA medical school. Essentially he placed me on blood thinners throughout my pregnancy, which helped. He also kept me on an Aspirin a day post pardon. Since then I have realized that baby Aspirin helps my leg much better than any other pain killer because it slightly thins my blood allow the blood to move more freely through my hemangioma. Obviously, you should talk to your doctor before being placed on an Aspirin regiment because there are serious side-effects, but I just wanted to offer my experience to see if it could help others.

I need to see a doctor again, but live in a small town in SW Virginia and am on an HMO plan leaving me limited options. Good-luck to everyone else. I know I am late to the board so I don't know if anyone else will even see this.
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