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Talking ND:Yag laser for Nevus Ota

Hello everyone this is my first time posting after struggling with having nevus ota all my life. Like many of you without makeup it looks like I have a black eye. My insecure nature and shyness just reinforces that idea that I am a abused person.

I have been working with a dermatologist who has treated others with dark skin and nevus ota. My treatments are 3months apart but I only see my new skin for about 1 month because the hyperpigmentation takes so long to clear. If you know who Kerry Washington is I am her color. My coloring is what makes my treatment longer and more detailed.

I live in Michigan so I go to:

Hamzavi Dermatology
2950 Keewahdin Rd,
Fort Gratiot, MI, US, 48059
(810) 455-1600

Low self esteem has affected me severely- I have social anxiety because of it. I dislike talking to people because that means making eye contact, hate when wind blows the hair off my face and summer is horrible because it melts your makeup.

I am on my third treatment: there will be swelling, so crusting, I have hyperpigmentation afterwards, so I usual have to wait for that to disappear to see results. I also looking for a bleaching cream for that reason.

I will probably need about 10 sessions in all. It hurts, I'm uglier afterwards until the swelling and hyperpigmentation recedes but its worth it.

One day-makeup free and the sun can shine on my whole face.
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