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Hi there! Hopefully the original person who posted will check back in and be able to update on who they are's been a few years. I do not have any firsthand experience with this type of hemangioma but if it were me I guess I would just want to know if the specialist has extensive experience treating/operating on hemangiomas in that location. You can also look online here under Find a Doctor and you will see some great doctors in NY who deal with hemangiomas on a regular basis. I would just try to find out as much info as you can and then that will help you to make an informed decision about treatment. You can also email the experts on here for their opinion and I know that can be very helpful So good luck! I'm sure she is going to fine! It's so scary at the beginning but before you know it she will be growing bigger and stronger and you will be chasing her all around! Keep us posted!
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