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Dear Megalyn,

Can I start by giving you a big hug. I'm sorry, it has been so hard for you. I hope things get better for you and you can leave all that behind.

Most of my Venous Malformation was inside my head. So even though people couldn't see it, I became slow, very forgetful, got lost continually and had trouble keeping up with conversations. People teased me about all of these things. It was very frustrating, because I couldn't help it.

Unfortunately, it is normal for people to stare and it is normal for people to be mean. You can't control people but you may be able to control how it effects you.

Have you heard of an Australian comedian, Adam Hills. He was born without a leg and did a shows called, "Footloose" and "The Last Leg". When I feel down I like to watch him own his disability.

I like to watch him and think, if he own it. So can I.

I hope your life gets better for you.

Good luck and all the best,

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