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Default nevus of ota

Hello my name is Jessica 24 years old Hispanic and I have recently been doing research on line about this. I have had nevus of the ota since I was born . I also have different colored eyes and bluish color in my sclera. I have had one laser treatment and just havn't had the money to go again but cant say I wouldn't go again. I am currently in the process of having my tattoos removed and can say that hurts A LOT more that removal of Nevus of the OTA. I wear MAC studio fix concealer makeup that I purchase at Macys and people cannot even tell I have the birthmark unless I point it out. I will not leave my house without makeup on though. Have before and people just love to stare or ask who beat you!! LOL!! Im glad to know that I am not the only one in the world that has this condition and knowing that I'm not alone. Also I have been told the treatment is not medical necessity so insurance will not cover, its cosmetic =( Well good luck to all of you.
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