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Hi there! My name is Susan and I live in Montreal with my husband and 5 yr old son who has a port wine stain on his upper left cheek and side of left eye that extends in spots to the side of his head. Anyway, I was at the doctor's office today for a problem that I am having, and in the waiting room was this magazine that spoke of ct scans in infants who have birthmarks on their faces and heads. Anyways, my son had a ct scan done when he was less than 18 months old, and so I became concerned. I read on. Apparentley, this treatment is perhaps detrimental later to their cognitive development. So my son is in trouble. Although it does not bother me that he will not become a surgeon when he grows up, the idea that he may not be smart nevertheless irks me. Read all about this Swedish study and their recent findings at
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