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Hi im new to this forum. My husband and i have taken on a large task I believe . You see my huisbands little brother who is 10 years old was born with VBF which covers half of his face .He was living in a different state and his mom called us oneday and asked if we would take him till the end of the school year we asked why and found out he was being tormented and beat up everyday by the other kids at school and the teachers were just turning thier heads on this . I was outraged by this. So we agreed to take him in he is such a great kid , but now he is always so sad and my dauther goes to school with him and told me that he is a loner at school he stays to him self now Im worried about this anyone out there with this on thier face have some advice on how i can help him.??? It hurts me so much when adults stare at him or other children make fun of him i was in the store with him just the other day and some kid pointed at him and said to his mother look mom he has a diease on his face and to my shock the mother replied uh huh and just keep going unbelivable what has this society come to when we don't explian to our children that it is worng to point and stare!!!!
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