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Default 17 and new to VBF, clueless.

hey everyone,
I'm 17, and I've been struggling w/ some sort of vascular problem deeply imbedded in my left thigh... Doctors have been reluctant to talk about it, and even reluctant to treat me. I know that the reason why most people have procedures done because of a vascular disease is cosmetic, but my lump causes a lot of pain.
(My problem is not easily visible and I was told by a Dr. at Children's Medical Center in Dallas, TX some time ago that I was not a major priority because the Dr. had patients that were basically more important than I, because they had visably noticable facial disfigurements, and that she basically didn't understand why I was seeing her.)
That was when I was eleven. Ever since then, I've been reluctant to have it treated because I felt that seeking medical attention was being rediculous, not to mention the cost to my parents. However, I've been living with this constant pain whenever I move my leg for years, and sometimes I even wake up in the middle of the night with a stabbing continual pain. Three of the four muscles that make up the "quads" in my thigh have atrophied to the point where even walking is difficult. I know I'm lucky that it's not malignant, but the pain is still very aggrivating.
As a teenager, I feel that there are more important things in my life to worry about. Normal things like getting into a good college and finding a date to prom, but I can't even function like a normal person anymore, so I need help in getting my problem taken care of.
I'm pleased to see that there is a site for people w/ problems like me... but as I said, I'm not even sure what EXACTLY I have, or where to begin to find answers on treatment.
please help!
thank you.
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