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My daughter is 14, and she has had a large H on her nose since birth. Life was not always easy for her,,but I feel it's so important that you continually tell him he's gorgeous, and kind, and special, and in the meantime look for help. My daughter didn't receive any treatment until she was 11 years old. She has had three different laser treatments and is scheduled for corrective surgery this summer.

It's very hard growing up, PERIOD, and to have to deal with this on top of everything else, is even harder

TALK,,TALK,,TALK to him,,, explain all about inner beauty, and let him talk too. He needs to express his feeling s about his face, and the hurt he feels. Sometimes kids express easily, other' not,,,

I know about the staring, the pointing, etc...When you see this,,,smile back, or laugh,,and let him and everyone else know,,,, it's their problem, NOT YOURS or HIS!!!! Show your sense of pride about him, and how you truly feel about him,,,,He'll internalize that too...Never show annoyance....,he'll internalize that too...

I would also go into the school and talk to the teachers and principal and school pscychologists, and ask for support from them,,to help him fit in!!!! Sometimes if you give the other kids information about him (w.o him knowing) it helps.. I am sure there is at least one person who would accept him,,and sometimes that's all you need.

I agree, check in with a support group, it'll help you deal with all of these issues you took on. I commend you for being so kind and supportive of him..He must know (inside) how lucky he is to have you!!!

When you know exactly what he has,,there is always treamtent available..We can help you, and so can many other support groups...Again,,I applaud you for your devotion to him,,you must be a special person!!!!!!
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